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Magic City Parking Services approaches parking first and foremost by understanding our client’s needs and expectations. A successful valet parking management operation will: 1) Add value and prestige to the client’s venue. 2) Improve traffic flow. and 3) Provide alternative parking plans when needed. 

Magic City Parking Services knows first hand that successful valet parking for business events will involve: professional, uniformed, and friendly valet attendants, a pro-active management team with many years of experience, provide a consistent level of service, maintain the highest standards of customer service, performance, and integrity, and have risk management and loss prevention policies in place.

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Hotel Parking

We are the industry leader in delivering “Experiential Parking Hospitality” for our hotel partners. We excel by integrating the right people as an extension of your brand – people who are naturally authentic, warm and friendly.

Restaurant Parking

Our culture of service drives everything we do and ignites a passion in each team member to Wow your guests and deliver exceptional guest service experiences hundreds of times per day, thousands of times per year for each property we serve.

Airport Parking

We help airports "fix" the parking problems with Valet and parking management. You will have happy guests when they arrive and leave with a valet option. We can also help with parking lot management with existing parking lots and complex parking situations.

Hospital Parking

Hospital valets alleviates the potentially stressful, sometimes painful, task of hospital parking. We provide valet service staffed with well-trained, warm attendants who ensure a great, patient-centered experience.

Church Parking

The first thing that most people typically see about your church is your parking lot. This is not only the case on weekends when your guests arrive. We can help you organize and manage an efficient member and visitor experience.

Retail Parking

Our expertise in devising viable parking solutions for your parking garages, on-street spaces, efficient valet, facility maintenance, and overall logistics planning will ensure that your guests can quickly find parking and focus on the reason for their visit.

Dave & Busters Valet Parking

Experience the Magic City Parking Difference

If you run a business, a hotel, or restaurant and it doesn’t currently offer valet parking services or your current valet team is in need of a makeover, your business is missing out (and so are your guests). At best, you aren’t taking advantage of all available opportunities to truly service your customers.  And at worst your business is failing to distinguish itself from the lower-level competition and keep pace with its real competitors.

Magic City Parking offers service-first valet parking for restaurants, events, hotels, and everything in between.  Service from Magic City Parking will make a noticeable difference to the first and last impressions your guests received and ultimately your bottom line.  The results are quick and demonstrable. The difference between a successful and subpar restaurant, event, business experience is found in the details.  IF your interested in discussing custom valet parking solution for your establishment reach out to us today.

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