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Parking Services: Valet Parking and Parking Management Services

Backed by a combined experience that spans over 30 years, Magic City Parking is the parking specialist you can count on to provide top-notch personalized valet parking, traffic control, and parking management service at very reasonable costs. 

Fully committed to delivering total customer satisfaction and peace of mind, we make sure to treat each vehicle with utmost care and respect. No matter what type of car it is or the condition it’s in, we understand its value to its owner that’s why each vehicle is given the V.I.P treatment it deserves.

Reach out to us today to get a quote! Or continue reading below to find more information about how we can provide high quality valet parking and/or parking management help for your business or private event.

Your reputation is what matters

We've got your back! We have mastered the art of first and last impressions!

It seems that we live in a time when good home town customer service has gone by the way side.  At Magic City Parking we take pride in providing that special touch that makes your event stand out! We will enhance your brand, improve customer loyalty, and drive more positive reviews online.  We achieve higher scores than our competitors when it comes to satisfaction.

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Reserved Private Event Valet Parking

Learn more about how we can help you put on a great private event. We provide detailed services that range from valet parking at birth days, anniversaries, reunions, graduations and more.

21% off Wedding valet Parking

We help you make your wedding the best it can be.  The parking and valet is often the first impression that is made when guests arrive.  Learn more about how we can help you stand out from the crowd!

Birmingham VALET PARKING Attendants

Learn more about how we can take your business to the next level. We provide a range of help for businesses such as valet parking, parking services, and other special services. Let us know what you have in mind.

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Private Event Valet Parking
Valet parking services


With us, your guests are greeted respect and professional valet service. We have employed the most professional and experienced staff. We are comfortable in providing any number of drivers needed to manage large events. Magic City Parking is licensed and insured in order to protect our customers.

Parking Planning & Management

We have been in business for a combined 20 plus years. This gives us the experience and skill to think ahead and plan your event right. We can help you and/or your organization conquer the obstacles that come your way with ease. Reach out to us to discuss your needs.

Skilled Valet Services

With Magic City Parking, your guests can expect 5-star service and hospitality. Our team members are trained to deliver valet parking services which meet or exceed the expectations of our existing customers.

Committed & Engaged

We live in the communities we service providing a full range of help to businesses and individuals in Huntsville and Birmingham as well as the entire Southeast. We are committed and invested in the companies and people we service. We volunteer and work within the community through organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and other non profits.

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